A Peek at Peaks

(Originally published 7/27/2016 on my old blog, Outdated By Design.) Portland, Maine, in particular the Old Port is the place to be if you like the water! Wayne and I took a round-trip ferry ride to Peaks Island. Ready for the ride?


Looking out at South Portland as we head away from the terminal.


Wayne loves boats. He built yachts and designed yacht systems for almost two decades!



It was a hot day so the cool breeze felt great. The cute little lighthouse is Breakwater Lighthouse also known as “Bug Light.”


Pretty sails!

Oopsie. Someone needed a tow.


Approaching Peaks Island…



Close-up of a couple of kids having fun. They dove into the water as we passed them.
See that crowd waiting to get on the ferry back to Portland? To the left is a bar that has a “Reggae Sunday.” It’s popular with literally boatloads of college kids. We stayed on the ferry because we were just on it for the ride.


The other passengers seemed to enjoy the views and breeze on the way back.


Back on land, gulls were playing in a parking lot puddle even though there’s an entire bay feet away.



Speaking of gulls, when docking I witnessed a gull gulp down a large flopping fish! I wish I had caught it on camera but it happened so quickly.


After the ride we had the memories. And boat hair.

16 thoughts on “A Peek at Peaks

  1. Averyl,
    These photos and the story are just lovely! And you two make a very handsome couple!! I love love love the sparkle of silver in your hair. Mine is catching up to yours.


  2. That's sweet of you! Thank you!! I'm not sure if you've read my posts here about going grey. I'm not going to cover it up! Sounds like you aren't either?


  3. Nope! I'm embracing grey and love to see other ladies (and men) who embrace it, too. I colored my hair a darker brown for years, but after the last time, I decided no more. I am excited to be a silver- haired lady 🙂


  4. I also like to see other silver haired people!

    (I just noticed I have spelled it grey and gray in different blog posts, so try a search for both spellings. Thanks!)


  5. Great fun!! I've always enjoyed going by ferry! Cumberland Island is a great trip on the Florida / Georgia border. We are lucky we live not to far from the coast!


  6. Dr. J. 🙂 I agree. I do not take the coast for granted, having lived inland before, but I wish it was warm enough here to enjoy it year-round. A great deal of Mainers (“snowbirds”)spend the winters in Florida. I think I may want to move in another ten years or so to a somewhat warmer place, but I don't know. Maine has become home for me.


  7. My stepdad grew up on Peak's island. I was born in Portland and I used to work Saturdays in a little bakery right there on Commercial street near the terminal. Thanks for the peek back. (Pun accidental but I decided to go with it). Haven't lived there in 35 years, haven't been back since my mom passed in 2008.


  8. Hi Kate! Sorry to hear of your mom's passing. I'm glad you enjoyed the views. 🙂 There's still a bakery near the terminal, Standard Baking Co, although probably not the same ownership from 35 years ago. Do you recall a popular Old Port restaurant named Carbur's from 35 years ago? Wayne was the regional manager.


  9. Linda Rodin is my absolute style icon. She fully embraces the silver. I have decided I like your use of “silver-haired” as a descriptive much more than grey/ gray. It sounds so much more elegant. :))


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