A walk around my Scarborough, Maine neighborhood

(Originally published in the fall of 2016 on my old blog, Outdated By Design.) Yes, more peak fall foliage pics!

I shot these today and yesterday while out walking around my neighborhood.

This is someone’s long, winding driveway down the road from me.


Even though it’s peak foliage right now, there are always some trees that start to turn later than others. It’s definitely not an assembly line production.



However, it’s obvious to me that a silent and spiritual pro (some call it God) choreographed the colorful display.



The leaves will soon become less vibrant and turn brown before they fall to the ground and make it crunchy, or slippery if it’s raining.


This dirt road isn’t very long but it’s incredibly pretty right now.

The view facing the paved road.

A colorful canopy.

Baby white birch.

Dead end.

The clouds were also very interesting today.

Road kitty!

Pretending he/she doesn’t notice me.

Fresh flowers and fallen leaves by someone’s mailbox.

A foot bridge that leads nowhere.


Heading back.

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