Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens & Lunch at McSeagull’s

(Originally published 8/8/2016 on my old blog, Outdated By Design.) Just got back from a great day trip. Not much to say, just lots of pics! Here we go to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens followed by luncheon at McSeagull’s in Boothbay Harbor! (Not sure when people stopped calling lunch “luncheon.” I prefer the latter.)






The view from the deck at McSeagull’s. We decided to eat here because of the view and they have many gluten-free options.


I had forgotten that Maine’s First Lady works as a server at McSeagull’s. The Boston Globe was there following her around snapping pics for a story they are working on. She’s saving up to buy herself a new car!


It was a beautiful day. More Maine summer adventures are ahead!

9 thoughts on “Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens & Lunch at McSeagull’s

  1. What gorgeous photos, Averyl, including lovely shots of you! Love the garden…it reminds me of the trip to England and Wales that I just returned from. While the castles, churches, and manor houses were fascinating, I couldn't wait to get out to the gardens, large and small! And of course they call lunch “tea”. I agree with you that luncheon (and tea) sounds so much better than just plain “lunch”! ;0.


  2. Thank you, Canyon girl!! Lucky you! I would love to travel to the UK someday to see all you just described. And yes, “tea” is quite nice as opposed to “grabbing a drink” etc.


  3. I love to see and hear about your field trips. Beautiful photos! What a wonderful story about the Governor's wife. I enjoyed reading that, too. Thank you for another wonderful story!


  4. Beautiful pictures! The weather looks lovely. We're hold up down south in the ac. I don't think I've been out walking for a month!
    I was wondering who the first lady of Maine was because Rabbi Daniel Lapin did a piece on her illustrating what a good work ethic looks like.


  5. Thanks, lo_lo! Oh boy, your summer is like our winter in that we stay inside most of the time.

    How interesting that he did that piece, and it's true! We watched her work those tables. It's not easy work which is why most of her co-workers are likely college kids on break.


  6. Good for her!! That's great! I love your photos. “Luncheon” sounds nice. I was just reading a book from the 1920's where that word was used. 🙂


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