Field Trip: Common Ground Country Fair, Unity, Maine 2016

(Originally published 9/25/2016 on my old blog, Outdated By Design.) The last time I went to the Maine Common Ground fair was about 20 years ago! We were on the road at 6:30 a.m. for the close to two hour ride.


An old-timey gas station in a cute little town (I think Albion).
Lots of environmental activism at the fair. Please enlarge this to read about Poland Spring and Nestle. There’s some stuff going on about which few people outside of Maine are aware.
Live letterpress postcard printing demonstration.

Good crusty bread (that I can’t eat, bummer.)

This artisan makes peace signs from the wood and metal of wine barrels.

It wasn’t just pretty in this booth–it smelled heavenly.

More scents.

Some pro-hemp anti-Hillary dude.

Beautiful day!

I tried to explain to him/her that the paint probably contains lead but he/she kept on licking it.

Anyone could milk the goat. I passed.

A really big fork at the Ravioli truck.

Just one section of fair food. There were many.

Organic lamb kabobs! Yay! $12 for each kabob, boooo.




Native American doll making interactive demonstration.

Maine maple syrup, mmmm.

Adorable bonsai trees.

Herbal Revolution.

I wanted to bring home so many of the creative and beautiful things I saw today like the big rock planter in front.


Carrot educational display.

And squash.
This is hot Indian pudding sweetened with maple syrup and topped with whipped cream. My vintage Maine cookbooks are packed with recipes for it. I’ll have to try one this winter and post it here. It’s also naturally gluten-free since it’s made with cornmeal.


This was my favorite part of the fair where we got the perfect souvenir:
A tintype portrait of me and Wayne!

8 thoughts on “Field Trip: Common Ground Country Fair, Unity, Maine 2016

  1. I would of had you grab my daughter and me a bag of that Christmas pot pourri! We love that smell.
    That lamb kabob looked wonderful. My brother has a food truck with a smoker. He does turkey legs, and the kids gobble them up. They are huge, and three of us couldn't finish one.
    Love everyone's warm outer wear. Where'd you get your cardigan. It beautiful. We're still in the AC pretending it's Fall. haha!


  2. Hey! 🙂

    I just looked to see if they sell their potpourri online. I don't see a way to order but here is a link to their website, maybe they can ship you some:

    Delightful Odds & Herbs

    I LOVE huge smoked turkey legs!!! Lucky you!

    Thanks for noticing my cardigan. It was my first time wearing it and I love it! It's from L.L.Bean and despite being 100% cotton it's very very warm. It was in the high 40s and low 50s at the fair and I was comfortable. Also, it's super soft, no wool itchiness issues. Here is the link (and you can see I left a review there, too):

    L.L.Bean Cotton Ragg Sweater, Cardigan Fair Isle

    That's funny re the AC. I hope some coolness blows your way soon!


  3. Averyl,

    I love everything in every photo!! Do you happen to know the name of the woman who makes the peace sign art?? I can all but smell the potpourri and taste the pudding. Thank you for sharing your Fair day goodies!!


  4. My pleasure! I wish I had gotten her business name but I did not. 😦 We were thinking of buying a peace sign and some other wares on the way out, but after four hours of walking around the fair my side began to ache (that pop and locking injury I blogged about, ha) so we called it a day. I tried google and saw similar wine barrel peace signs being sold online, but they weren't made in Maine.


  5. Thank you for those links. It looks like I can email them and ask if they deliver for the hollidays.
    I think you made a good choice on that cardigan. I was going to as if it was lined, but I can see from the pictures it is not. I love L.L.Bean's lined pants and their classic waist jeans. You can't get more retor than they! 🙂
    re AC: The joke down here is “It's Christmas Morning, and the AC is blowing!”


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