Graham Nash: This Path Tonight Tour 2016, State Theatre, Portland, ME

(Originally published 10/13/2016 on my old blog, Outdated By Design.) The stage at State Theatre, a beautiful historic venue. (Those aren’t real candles. I have the same ones in my home office. Fire-safe fakery is actually awesome.)

We got there about half hour before the show began. It was pretty packed in no time.

Look at all the leg room we had! We were at the end of second row, so kind of first in a way! We also didn’t have to stand up every time someone had to get through. Best seats ever.



Graham played with Shane Fontayne, and they opened with The Hollies song, Bus Stop! I love that song! “We’ll start from the beginning of my career,” Graham said before they began. “We’ve got a long way to go.”



After the applause for the opening song, Graham pointed out we were all giving our age away. heh



I was moved to tears more than once by the gentle beauty of the songs and lyrics.



Graham gave the back stories to some of his most beloved songs, like when he and Joni stopped at an antique shop and bought a pretty vase which inspired “Our House” (which they played!)



Graham’s voice hasn’t aged at all. I felt like I was listening to a young man who was still emotionally involved with his music.
Rock legends are still human beings, so I thought it was endearing when Graham held his hand up and stopped himself because at one point he sang the wrong lyrics for one of his songs. He chuckled and continued.


Graham is very gracious and throughout the show talked about how awesome Shane is and that they co-produced This Path Tonight. It’s an excellent album! Wayne and I listen to it a lot.



Graham said that he had to pee, and that intermission would be twenty minutes.


They sang “Blackbird” by the Beatles!!


Normally he is known to perform barefoot, but he was wearing shoes. He reminded us that although there are a lot of terrible things going on in the world like terrorism and Trump, there are millions of wonderful things happening in this country right now every day!


After the second encore the show was over. Not long after Shane came out and talked to a few fans. I asked if I could have a guitar pick and he gave me one!!!!!!!!!!!
They played “Teach Your Children” as the final encore. I captured the whole thing on video, but! They invited all of us to sing it for them towards the end. Some tone-deaf person ruined my video at that point. I was like, people need to stop singing along at concerts! Then I listened again. It was me. Oops.

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