Harvest on the Harbor Maine Chef Celebration, Portland Waterfront

(Originally published 10/21/2016 on my old blog, Outdated By Design.) A beautiful historic brick building filled with renowned Maine chefs preparing and offering their best dishes made with fresh local lobster?! Yup! Wayne and I went to Harvest on the Harbor Maine Chef Celebration this afternoon, or more aptly put, a Lobster Soiree!

There was a crowd lined up and ready to eat!
We were some of the first to enter, but it didn’t take long for this space to get packed.


Lobster with roasted potatoes, Portuguese sausage and clams.

Lobster crepes!


Because I’m gluten-free I couldn’t taste everything (but even if I wanted to I wouldn’t have had the room!), so when Robert’s Maine Grill made me my own special gluten-free plate I was very appreciative and impressed with them and the lobster!


I like their coasters.

Lobster roll with bacon and jalapeno mayo!


This smiling chef from Highroller Lobster Co makes me happy. I would like to have lobster roll handed to me with a smile at least once a day.


A delightful plate of lobster with gluten-free polenta and veggie dressing.

Fresh polenta! Everything today was made as they went.

Works of art.

Wayne loving life.

Dimillo’s serving lobster Rubens!

Black tie was another who made me my own special plate.

Roasted veggie with lobster!

This is Avery making awesome things.

Here’s mine! The veggies were perfectly roasted and the lobster, sweet.

I skipped these decadent treats.


Craft beer lovers would like this lobster that had a Liquid Riot beer sauce. In addition to local beers and alcoholic beverages there was plenty of Poland Spring water.


Lobster corn dogs!

This is Gabrielle Garofalo, the owner of Harvest on the Harbor. (I asked her if I had lobster in my teeth, ha). She was so enthusiastic about the whole annual food festival; this was one of a series this year. She said she wants to have even more gluten-free options next year even though I assured her there was no shortage of offerings. One problem, though. I think lobster is like Chinese food. I’m suddenly hungry again and want more!

Disclosure: I received two complimentary tickets to this event.

Update: Added this photo from The Portland Press Herald. Can you spot us?

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