Our hike up Bradbury Mountain, Pownal, Maine

(Originally published 10/17/2016 on my old blog, Outdated By Design.) Wayne and I had a beautiful hike on Bradbury Mountain in Pownal. The view was amazing!Β 

It looks so quiet and peaceful, BUT!

There was a morning race happening and we were caught at the end of it! For the first ten minutes we had dozens of runners passing us by, and because people in Maine are friendly, each and every one said hello to us. Wayne and I were “hi-hello-what’s up-how’s it going-morning-nice day-etc”ingΒ  for the first ten minutes.
The coast was finally clear, plus there was a PSA from Mr. T!

Beautiful decay.

Rustic bench.

The exposed tree roots looked like a rickety old stairway.

Approaching the summit!




It was in the 40s that morning but it was warm on top with the direct sunlight.


View to the right.


Wayne gaining perspective.




Heading back down a different trail.

Another vista.

8 thoughts on “Our hike up Bradbury Mountain, Pownal, Maine

  1. Nature can be the perfect restorative. So often I've returned there to heal. Bless you and your strong spirit, Averyl. Thank you for sharing your stories. I know a little something about your arduous journey…our own beautiful, smart, and talented daughter was on a similar journey, but couldn't find her way out, and we lost her two years ago at age 24. I wish you continued strength and peace.


  2. Oh Lois, I cried when I read this. I am so sorry for your loss. I'm glad to hear that you have been able to find some comfort in the beauty of nature. It can be the best balm for a frayed spirit. Thank you for your support! xoxo


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