Our Rainy Maine October Peak Fall Foliage Drive

(Originally published 10/9/2016 on my old blog, Outdated By Design.) It was another wet Sunday, but that’s alright because the bright fall colors really pop in this kind of lighting. See that panoramic pic above? That’s the first one I ever shot with my new water-resistant Samsung Galaxy S7 Active.


When we left for our little excursion this morning we decided to eat breakfast on the road in one of the small towns through which we’d be passing. The more small-town and quirkier the better. In Brownfield, where I had zero cell service, we found a place exactly like what we were hoping to find: The Depot Diner.



Our table had vintage and newer books, a retro clock and A Christmas Story leg lamp.


Wayne and I kept “Wowwwwwwwing” at the colors. We stopped in Fryeburg so I could take this shot.

And this one.


There was some concern in Maine that the colors might not be as bright due to the drought, but man, they seemed even more colorful than years past! The whole drive was a show.



We stopped at this scenic spot (that’s Wayne’s little Subaru) in Hiram and the trees around the pond were absolutely breathtaking!











The ferns had turned a beautiful yellow along a small stretch of the road.





In Limington we passed a forlorn abandoned church with a haunting beauty.


In the town of Cornish we stopped at this multi-dealer antique shop, Cornish Trading Co., that is housed in an 1800s Masonic Building.



Another mounted deer head in our travels. It’s a Maine thing.


Three floors of multiple rooms filled with stuff.


They were having a 20% off sale and I saw a few things that interested me, however I’ve been doing some serious downsizing (except for my vinyl) so I didn’t buy anything. That’s coming up soon in another post.

15 thoughts on “Our Rainy Maine October Peak Fall Foliage Drive

  1. Again, absolutely stunning photos, Averyl…I believe you may have missed your calling! And you're right, the grey skies make the colors pop. Hubby and I took a Sunday drive today, as well, into the “gold country” of the Sierra foothills. Leaves just beginning to reach their peak, and sky was a brilliant deep blue. Sadly, so many pines here have died from beetles, made worse by years of drought (climate change is real!), that it was hard not to notice their redness, as well. Still, a beautiful trip, made special by an ice cream break in a 19th-century general store. πŸ™‚


  2. Thank you, Lois! I've loved photography since my teen years. My father, who still works as a wedding photographer on the side, bought me a Nikon when I was 13. I worked at a camera and film development in NYC that summer and in high school had access to a dark room. I abandoned that hobby until digital photography made it affordable. Again, thank you!

    Your drive and ice cream stop sounds magnificent!!


  3. A similar background to mine, Averyl! I took photography classes in high school and college, and loved my Pentax (acquired in 1972). Also had access to a darkroom, then switched to slides. Digital changed everything. ..I miss film!
    It's funny how you kept running into deer heads!


  4. GORGEOUS! The leaves, the weather, the diner and the antiques- perfect day, I'd say. I am really looking forward to reading about your “minimizing” journey. I consider myself a minimalist, but after packing and moving everything we own TWICE in the last five months, I'm not so sure. Now that everything is unpacked, though, I'm feeling better πŸ™‚


  5. TWICE?! Yikes! My ex was in the military and before that I moved a lot because of school, grad school, summers off, and then we rented for many years so I feel your pain!

    Glad you enjoyed my autumn pics. Thanks. πŸ™‚


  6. Spectacular photos, Averyl!! When the weather is right we do have various foliage here in North Texas that allows for beauty like this. Not sure we'll see it this year, though.

    I'm also interested in your minimizing journey! I've been on this journey for years but mostly it's just me. My husband not so much. He's not a hoarder but I don't understand some of the things he keeps. I was an Air Force brat so our family moved a lot, too, when I was growing up.


  7. So beautiful!! Thanks Averyl! I do like the fall colors. One year I took a trip to Georgia in the foothills and the foliage was quite nice. Saw the beginning of the Appellation trail.


  8. Just beautiful Averyl! So beautiful! I need a day like that, away from work and routine. Some of the areas looked isolated. I hope you were always safe. (I've been in the city, Dallas, toooo long). But from your shots I could almost smell the air, water, and trees. Thank you for the wonderful, real like, trip! It's motivating me to get outside more. Looking forward to your next posts.


  9. Hi Donna! Thank you for your concern! Safety is very important to me, having grown up in NYC and was victimized at that time. Wayne was with me when I took these and he's pretty tough like me, ha, and I always carry pepper spray. πŸ™‚ I do hope to motivate people to get outside more, so that's great to hear and please do it!


  10. I had no idea that Maine was so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. In Georgia, where I live, the leaves aren't very pretty this year, due to the hot weather we've had all fall. So I'm experiencing it vicariously, through you. My name is Kathy, by the way. I don't know how to sign in on this site, but I sure am enjoying it! I love vintage things, too.


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