Scarborough River Wildlife Sanctuary

(Originally published 7/24/2016 on my old blog, Outdated By Design.) This morning I walked the trail at the Scarborough River Wildlife Sanctuary.

I passed a cormorant that seemed to be watching the tide come in.

Usually there are many egrets but I didn’t see any this morning.

It’s going to be in the upper 80s today and somewhat hazy which you can see from the sky.

Low tide means you can see the rocks and formations.

There were very few people out this time of morning other than an occasional jogger or cyclist.


A cormorant faced the road, wings spread. They do it to dry their wings, but it looked like he was flashing the passing cars!

6 thoughts on “Scarborough River Wildlife Sanctuary

  1. Ah, the upper 80's. Won't know what that's like again till October. I love these photos, too, I'm glad you'll be posting more!

    I'd never heard of a cormorant, I had to google it. 🙂


  2. That's beautiful, Averyl! We have cormorants also. From what I've seen in the more northern latitudes, nature explodes with beauty as time is limited. Glad you have it all around you where you live!


  3. Dr J! It's so true that the Maine summers are a dream but also short as you mention. So many things button up for winter and hibernate, hide, or go south. I'm happy to share it here!


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