Tiny Tim’s little raised bed vegetable garden

(Originally published 5/24/2016 on my old blog, Outdated By Design.) Tiny Tim, aka Timmy, loves floor time with my housemate, Wayne. In this photo you may notice that Timmy’s eye looks dull; this is the side where he was blinded when abused by his original owners. He’s a grateful little guinea pig who appreciates the good things. He is always squeaking and doing tricks for fresh veggies, so we promised him he would have his own little garden this summer provided he shares some of it with with us.

There’s no better way to “eat retro” than to grow your own food!


Wayne first needed to construct the framework for the raised bed that we decided to situate behind the deck where there is plenty of sunlight (and bare spots of grass to hide!) My office/third bedroom window overlooks it so it’ll be fun to peek at it during the day.



Here’s another view of the backyard in relation to the garden. Those two gigantic pine trees along with the deciduous trees, when their foliage is fully open, create a lot of shade which isn’t great for grass growth as you may notice.



After the frame was constructed he removed the grass and tilled the soil before he added the Miracle-Gro all purpose garden soil.



We went to a plant nursery and bought non-GMO tomato, cucumber, snap pea and sweet yellow pepper seedlings that received a gentle watering once planted.



Because we have two acres of woods there are sometimes deer and plenty of small woodland creatures looking for snacks. There’s also a neighborhood cat on the prowl for a lush litter box. Creating a barrier is necessary.

In fact, one evening when Wayne pulled in from work he saw a Buck standing near our vintage cement deer statue! Also, see all that shade in the front yard? We just had that tree removed because it was hazardous, so now there is plenty of sunlight in the front, too.
When we bought the vegetable seedlings we also bought a barrel planter and Senetti flowers for the stump.



Look at all of those new leaves just one day later!


Wayne built it so that he could easily “open” the mesh in one section for weeding and harvesting.

This is the first vegetable garden I’ve had at my house so we don’t know what to expect. I’ll report back as the season progresses!

Do you have a vegetable garden? I’d love to hear your experiences!

3 thoughts on “Tiny Tim’s little raised bed vegetable garden

  1. That's great!! Waynes the man! I've had a few gardens, and it was fun to see things grow. The best garden I ever didn't have was when my neighbor, with a degree in agriculture, put in an amazing garden and told me to take anything I wanted, lol


  2. I also prefer raised bed organic gardening as a raised bed warms up more quickly than does the surrounding soil in spring, so it’s possible to plant in them earlier than in a flat bed.

    This is a more affordable prospect than it might at first seem since none of these additions get wasted and all the necessary stuff goes into the beds themselves.


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