Screaming in the Old Port

I’m about to head to bed after a “big night” out on the town, ha! Long gone are the days when my nights in the Old Port were just getting started at around 10:00 p.m.! Before Wayne got into the marine industry he co-owned a popular Portland restaurant and bar in the 1980s, so he has had his fill of late nights, too.


I think he looks so handsome in his L.L.Bean bomber jacket. It helps add a little bad-assery to his Early Bird Chic style.

Commericial Street, Portland, Maine

We had dinner at TIQA.

Wayne ordered the chicken kabob and I had the flank steak which is hidden under that DELICIOUS mound of cumin and paprika seasoned french fries. 


It was a great meal! The setting is good for people watching outside the window, too.

Commercial Street Wharf, Portland, Maine

On our way back to the car we stopped to look at this view. We then heard a little girl scream. Then a different little girl screamed. We turned around and two little pig tailed girls continued to scream but everything else seemed normal; their mother was standing next to them and their father was in the car waiting. Again they screamed. I have to tell you it was catchy because I shrugged and let out a bit of a scream and started laughing. Both the mother and father began to laugh, too.

“We have an hour in the car with them so we told them to get all of their screams out first.”

We all laughed and they screamed a bit more before getting into the car headed south, according to their license plate.

I guess it was a wild night after all!

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  1. You take wonderful photos! I particularly like the first photo with the fishing boats with the gulls circling looking for food. Your title, “Screaming in the Old Port” I thought referred to the gulls because they sure do scream. Then I read the rest … and thought, clever parents!

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