A “Secret” Spring Season Waterfall At Fuller Farm in Scarborough

Scarborough Land Trust recently published a website that outlines new-to-me trails in town that are open to the public. I’m constantly amazed at all of the scenic nooks and wide open spaces that exist in a single town. This morning after church we went to find the hidden waterfall at Fullerton Farm Preserve that only flows in the spring. I had no idea it existed until I read the details of the preserve.


When we first arrived it didn’t look like much, or rather it looked like too much open space without a woodland trail. We walked in the hayfield towards the treeline.


Although the grass hasn’t yet fully come back and the trees are still bare, the sunshine was warm and the air full of clean, earthy scents.


We got on the right track once we reached the woods.


We wondered if maybe we were too late in the season for the waterfall and it had dried up. There just wasn’t anything to indicate that something wonderful was waiting for us in the woods other than the town website and the trail signs. Why were we the only people there?


We knew we were getting closer because we could hear the sound of water rushing over rocks and earth.


A bridge over the waterfall!


I wish I could capture the beauty in my photos, as well as how long it was, winding down the hill.


On the bridge feeling happy. We had the waterfall to ourselves!


I love the moss on this tree. Wayne said it’s British Soldier Moss.


As we neared the end of the trail loop, we passed a couple.

“It’s so beautiful here,” I commented to them.

She replied that they lived very close by and that it’s their secret place and she never tells anyone about it.

“Oh, I found out about it from the new website.”

“Website? What website?” The look on her face! I didn’t add that I would be blogging about it.

I can empathize and understand how once a cherished place is “discovered” it no longer feels like your own. But the fact is it’s here for all to enjoy. Connecting with nature is good for everyone!


We also encountered a group of boy scouts whose presence was encouraging. They seemed genuinely excited about being outdoors and all that was surrounding them.


You can watch the waterfall in action on my Instagram.

2 thoughts on “A “Secret” Spring Season Waterfall At Fuller Farm in Scarborough

  1. Wonderful post. DK, my mom and I watched Aerial America: Maine on Smithsonian Channel last night and it was so wonderful, and well, serene. 🙂

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