Gulf of Maine Seafood Celebration in the Old Port

I received two complimentary tickets to the Gulf of Maine Seafood Celebration at the Gulf Of Maine Research Institute in Portland, so I took Wayne out on a date!


I was excited not just for the seafood, but also to finally get a look inside since they aren’t open to the public. From their website: GMRI solves tough problems within two complex systems — marine resources and science education — that have an enormous impact on the sustainability of New England communities. We provide objective scientific and technical advice to help fishermen and resource managers make informed decisions about the trade-offs among a myriad of ocean stewardship and use options. We nurture the capacity of marine businesses to innovate and compete. We give Maine students access to world-class science learning opportunities and support their teachers with professional development and curriculum resources.




I dug the disco lobstah in the little aquarium.


There were THREE FLOORS of seafood samples prepared by top local chefs! Here is a sampling of what was offered.


The Black Point Inn, a historic landmark in my hometown of Scarborough where I frequently go for brunch offered beautiful seared scallops with truffle potato and creamed morels. 


Can you hear the sizzle? Is your mouth watering?


Each was served on a real shell.


Have you ever had lobster toast? Lobster & scallop mousse with lime, radish and tarragon? Eventide rocked lobster!


I had never had dogfish (shark) before! Maine Course served Buffalo “Shark Bites” (cute).


Dogfish with bleu cheese fondue, celeriac and carrot slaw was presented in bamboo boats.


Fore Street.


We were treated to live jazz.


I bumped into a University of Maine (UMO) college buddy from back in the day. Turns out that he and Wayne had met before at Hamilton Marine where Wayne helped him make a selection to keep his fishing ice shack (“condo”, he corrected) warm.


It was a full house on all three floors. I learned a lot about seafood, one of which is that I should be eating lobster toast for breakfast every day, and that I have a new appreciation for the work of the Gulf of Maine research Institute!


This event was sober-friendly! For those of us who don’t drink they offered Capt’n Eli’s Blueberry Pop and Root Beer made right in Portland by Shipyard Brewing. Thank you!

Update: I heard we were on the news last night but I can’t find the clip online, however I did see this pic of me and Wayne snapped by 207.

3 thoughts on “Gulf of Maine Seafood Celebration in the Old Port

  1. What a great event – loved the pictures. We are lucky to have some true Maine Downeast Dayboat (.com) scallops in our freezer for a celebration meal sometime soon – nothing compares! 🙂

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  2. What a special event!! We have a local sea food festival at Cedar Key every year, but it’s the furthest thing from a black tie affair, lol Last time I was in Maine, Lobster and seafood were at the top of our menu!

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