Visit to Frith Farm in Scarborough to Buy Organic Free Range Eggs

Yesterday I took a trip to Frith Farm in Scarborough to buy some organic pullet eggs. It was a fun mini-adventure!


I’ve been buying Frith Farm’s produce and eggs for years at the Scarborough Farmer’s market, but I had never been to their farm until now.


Farm hand Ryan has been with Frith Farm for a few years. He was very welcoming and showed me their little barn store.


They have organic meats in the freezer including chicken feet.


Fresh greens, pullet eggs and in another fridge they have carrots, onions and “regular” eggs.


It’s self check-out here.


He said I could check things out on the farm.


It was a cloudy day, but warm. Any time there’s green and brown and not snow on the ground it’s a good April spring morning.


However, the tall pile of firewood kept my excitement about spring in check.


The chickens were very chatty and curious. Ryan explained that for their hundreds of chickens they have only four roosters because that’s all that is necessary. I had no idea how that actually worked out until I started asking questions. Fortunately he was patient with MY curiosity. Sometimes I feel like a Fresh Air Fund kid from NYC!


They look like Easter eggs!


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    Last spring I blogged about buying eggs from a local organic farm in my town. Off-season we’ve been buying “Certified Humane” Nellie’s “Free Range” eggs. I decided to Google Nellie’s just now and am so disheartened to see this report about the cruel conditions of the chickens:

    It can be so hard to make informed food choices when we can’t even trust the “certification” labels!


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