Blossoming on the Greenbelt Walkway in South Portland

I used to live within walking distance of the South Portland Greenebelt in the 1990s and spent many days here staying ahead of my anxieties one step at a time. I was young, single, had a dream job that had been created just for me in the Old Port (with parking!) and a cute little house. Yet serenity then was still elusive. Walking here always helped me feel more calm and centered. It had been years since I was here last so I decided to revisit it today despite it being cool and cloudy.


Reflections and how we both perceive and receive them is always changing.


The clouds were kind enough to let rays of sunlight slide through.


This wall of buoys has been here for decades.


Not so for the graffiti.


There were many flowering trees today with pretty buds to admire.


I saw the woman above picking at something on the ground. I assumed she was foraging. “Fiddleheads?” I asked as I walked by. No. Butts! Turns out that this bench is her mother’s memorial. I offered to post this pic as a PSA to remind people to please pick up your butts from the ground when you picks yours up off of the memorial benches!


Buoys, butts, buds and next, blossoms!


They smell so wonderful!




Can anyone identify these leaves?


Is it just me, or does it look like these new leaves are flexing some muscle?


I’m in such a different place now than when I first came here as that young insecure woman, mostly because I’m more myself. Today I will reflect on the meaning of “place.”




6 thoughts on “Blossoming on the Greenbelt Walkway in South Portland

  1. Such a beautiful walkway! Any path that goes along water is special to me. I could never live far from the ocean. As usual, your photos are stunning.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, DeeDee! I was tempted to stay in Vermont after grad school, but the ocean, despite the beauty of Lake Champlain, was a deal breaker!


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