Saturday Morning Picking at Yard Sales & Arundel Flea Market

We’re getting a spring Nor’easter tomorrow?! However, this morning was partly sunny and perfect for junkin’ as some of us like to call it. I went to a few yard sales and scored Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix and Lou Reed on vintage vinyl for $4 total. They needed a good cleaning but other than a smattering of cracks and pops they sound great!


Anyone else into classic rock?


After the yard sales I drove down to the Arundel flea market.


Howie, a purveyor of old paper and pop culture relics always has fun boxes of ephemera.


I bought this vintage Crane’s note pad from him for $2. I like to use old note pads and stationery to write out my grocery lists.


You never know what you’ll see at the flea!


I like the sculptures and the yellow kitty bank.


Dealer Matthew Silver sells in Arundel and also the Waterfront Flea in Brunswick if you need some mid-century goodies.


I wonder what these mannequins originally modeled, and where.


This dog looked back at the mannequins and gave them the side-eye.


Here is my favorite score. It’s a HUGE antique Devotional Family Bible that only cost $1! It just needs a little TLC: The binding is detached from the spine.


Other than some foxing (brown spots caused by oxidation) on the frontispiece the pages are clean and bright!




6 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Picking at Yard Sales & Arundel Flea Market

  1. That looks like a great way to spend a day! They have lots of smaller markets this way and one really big one. I’ve taken my parents to that one and mom in contiually saying how she had “that” back in the day. I like classic rock!! Bob Dylan getting the Nobel Prize in Literature was a special day for that poet laureate and the generation that knew he was special from the get go.


    1. Dr. J, it was! I really love those two albums of his that I bought! I hadn’t heard them all the way through until now.


      1. When I wrote up that column on Dylan and his Nobel I was surprised at how many songs he had actually written. Something over 500 songs and 100 albums!


    1. Hi Rob–it was! But I had to get up early and wait for them to be put out. 🙂 Have you tried looking for albums at yard sales? They always cost a lot more at stores and online.


      1. No I have only just invested in a record player so will be replacing all the vinyl that I gave away years back. Over here the nearest to a yard sale is a car boot sale and I intend to have a look round a few of them as I am sure there will be some classic bargains to be had.

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