My Confirmation Gifts: A Holy Trinity of Roses!

From Wayne: “After Averyl’s confirmation ceremony at St Luke’s Cathedral her sponsor gave her a beautiful yellow rose bush in full bloom ready for planting.  The sight of those beautiful flowers got me thinking about what I could do to keep the memory and spirit of the ceremony fresh in our minds.”


“It dawned on me that two other rose bushes, one planted on either side of DeeDee’s gift, would be a lovely representation of the Holy Trinity and a daily reminder of Averyl’s time as a confirmand. “


“Today I planted those three rose bushes (with Averyl’s guidance and eye for perfect spacing) knowing that every time either one of us looks at them, we will be filled with joy at their special meaning.”





I love my roses! Thank you, Wayne and DeeDee!


Wayne also planted flowers in the weathered cement urn planters I bought at an estate sale many years ago.


These planters have been sitting outside taking a lashing from the Maine winters and I like the way it looks on them. I hope the flowers will thrive in their new homes.


We also bought some flowers for the deck.


As an aside, the black flies were out and annoying, as in flying in our eyes and trying to fly up our nostrils! So I brought out my vintage 70s incense burner and lit a sandalwood cone. Not only does it smell heavenly, the black flies flee from it. After doing a comparison test, I can say that it works better than a citronella candle!


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