Out Picking: An Unexpected Treasure in an Old Chest

Today while out picking I bought an old wood chest made from beadboard that works perfectly for storing gardening things in our sunroom. I love the weathered, rustic look with faded green paint. When I opened the trunk I saw something completely unexpected! 


What did I see inside? It’s lined with vintage 1930s newsprint which is pretty cool, but there’s nothing surprising about that specifically. 




Whoa! “Liner Hindenburg Lands After Record Flight.” How cool is that? Its first flight! In grade school we learned about the Hindenburg and we saw footage of the notorious and tragic disaster. I didn’t realize until I read this piece that it was a celebrated form of travel up until that moment. Also, seeing that New England Maple sap ran only for one day in 1936 must have been doubly devastating given that it was during the Great Depression. I learn so much about history from collecting. 


Tomorrow we will be planting our tomatoes. I’ll update soon after!

One thought on “Out Picking: An Unexpected Treasure in an Old Chest

  1. Fascinating! I love surprises like this.
    I work at a library and people are always donating old books to us; most of them are too old for us to use. Once I found a real treasure, a book by Patti Page, advice to teenage girls, from 1960. I snapped it up!

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