Bangles from Heaven

Yesterday Wayne and I planned to go to an auction in Topsham late afternoon. We left early enough so that we would arrive with time to get a number and preview the items. Once on our way, less than a minute on the road, we hit standstill traffic. We ended up being delayed by almost an hour and came close to turning around.Β  I find myself missing my 100 year old Nana most when I am out picking since she was a lifetime picker, too, although she was more elegant so for her it was always “antiquing.” I called her every week to tell her about my latest adventures and finds. It was only last month that she passed away, just a little over a week after I visited her in Connecticut. So in that moment stuck in traffic her loss really hit me.Β 

My glamorous Centenarian Nana when I last saw her at my aunt’s house in Connecticut.

Wayne consoled me and when we arrived at the auction we were highly entertained with the experience (quirky items and personalities) but we didn’t come home with any treasures. I was feeling somewhat better but still missing her.

A pair of birthing chairs was one of the lots up for bids last night.

Then, this morning, a surprise package arrived. My aunt had sent me my Nana’s vintage bangles that I had always admired. I felt as if it was raining bangles from my Nana in heaven. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for my aunt’s thoughtfulness. Now I will be able to feel her with me when I wear one of her bangles to go out picking (antiquing?!) in style!




4 thoughts on “Bangles from Heaven

  1. Awww…what a sweet ending to your story. I have some of my Mammaw’s (grandmother’s) tie-on hair bandannas from the ’70s. I found them while helping clean out her things after she passed away. I wear them when I want to feel closer to her. (I also have one of her sweatshirts she used to change into after work. It has a cartoon pig on it. It also really reminds me of her but I’m much less likely to wear it. Ha!)

    I’m glad you can feel closer to her with the bangles. I’ve always enjoyed seeing pictures of your glamorous Nana!

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    1. Thank you, and how sweet! That’s cute about the pig graphics on her sweatshirt. We don’t have to share all of our grandmothers’ tastes in fashion. πŸ™‚


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