Out Picking: Falmouth, Maine Lions Club White Elephant Sale & Auction

I was first in line today, and my shadow shows the silhouette of my canvas tote that I brought in anticipation of filling with a few goodies. This is a very big annual event with a gigantic “White Elephant” sale that begins at 8:00 a.m. and a half-day long auction of furniture, antiques, boats, cars, and whatever other donations they received.


Standing in line with me were the Freeport Flag Ladies along with my former mail lady from when I lived in Falmouth. We chatted about the incessant rain, cold temps and how to successfully garden in these conditions. 


I gave Wayne a heads up that the new owners of these old boats would probably bring in some new business to Hamilton Marine very soon.


There were some really nice things being auctioned off and going at rock bottom prices…


However I was outbid for the couple of things I really wanted by antique dealers with deeper pockets. It’s all good because I helped drive up the prices which means the Lions earned more money to spend on their good causes. I made a couple of new friends during the auction, too!


I did get a couple of nice things at the White Elephant sale, like this signed vintage watercolor.


THIS find makes me very happy! The complete 1971 set of Little House on the Prairie books! I loved the show as a kid and still do today yet I’ve never read the books!

4 thoughts on “Out Picking: Falmouth, Maine Lions Club White Elephant Sale & Auction

  1. Rory and I love the books!! We’re so jealous of your vintage find- 1971!! I started receiving and reading the books when I was six- 1981. You will LOVE the books. One million times better than the show ever was.

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  2. When I was in elementary school our teacher read some of the books to us in class each day. I loved them but I also loved the old tv series.

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