My Weekend in Pictures

My father and his girlfriend spent the weekend visiting with us and they stayed at the Press Hotel in the Old Port. Here are some of the sights from the weekend:

Dads Visit (11).jpg

I am taller than my Dad. Much taller. I’m also taller than my mother! They tell me I’m not adopted…

Dads Visit (12).jpg

Wayne and I at the Maine Mall. My father is a Jersey Boy, so of course we need to go there…

Dads Visit (1)

Dad loves steak so we had dinner at The Grill Room in the Old Port.

Dads Visit (3).jpg

I had the strip steak.

Dads Visit (2)

Wayne had the pork chop.

Dads Visit (5).jpg

The white rhododendrons at church are in bloom!

Dads Visit (4).jpg

I rarely see them in white.

Dads Visit (10).jpg

Outside Union where we had breakfast, the Old Port Festival was getting ready for an 11:00 a.m. launch.

Dads Visit (7).jpg

Some of the characters created by the Shoestring Theater.

Dads Visit (8)

Not sure what was going on here!

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