Episcopal Summer Chapel: St. Ann’s By the Sea, Kennebunkport

Wayne and I have commenced our “summer tour” of seasonal Maine Episcopalian churches with St. Ann’s in Kennebunkport being our first. St. Ann’s is “an historic seaside Chapel that offers the opportunity for summer worship, fellowship, and outreach on the coast of southern Maine.  Located in Kennebunkport, the picturesque chapel was built in 1887 to serve the communities of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, and Cape Porpoise.  People of all faiths join residents and visitors to the region for Sunday worship, special services and quiet meditation in the park setting overlooking the Kennebunk River and the Atlantic Ocean.” We decided to go to the 8:00 a.m. Eucharist which was held in the outside chapel overlooking the sea!

St. Ann's By the Sea (5)

It was extremely foggy outside with temps in the 60s. Services are held at the outside chapel for the 8:00 a.m. service “weather permitting.” It was a bit chilly with the ocean breeze but the call was for services to be outdoors.

St. Ann's By the Sea (12)

St. Ann's By the Sea (32)

The Rev. Dr. Peter Cheney walking to the outdoor chapel.

St. Ann's By the Sea (7)

The pulpit.

St. Ann's By the Sea (8)

St. Ann's By the Sea (9)

This is the view from the pews!

St. Ann's By the Sea (10)

St. Ann's By the Sea (25)

St. Ann's By the Sea (6)

St. Ann's By the Sea (28)

We originally sat at the back on the stone bench but had trouble hearing over the waves since there are no microphones used, so we moved closer to the front once services began.

St. Ann's By the Sea (24)

We did explore inside the church.

St. Ann's By the Sea (15)

St. Ann's By the Sea (1)

St. Ann's By the Sea (19)

St. Ann's By the Sea (16)

St. Ann's By the Sea (22)St. Ann's By the Sea (21)

Seashells are embedded in the glass.

St. Ann's By the Sea (20)

St. Ann's By the Sea (17)

St. Ann's By the Sea (23)

St. Ann's By the Sea (2)

St. Ann's By the Sea (3)

I would like (and need) to learn to rest and meditate more which is why I will be attending their first “Centering Prayer” group on Tuesday which includes a 20 minute meditation.

St. Ann's By the Sea (4)

The sermon topic was hope. I really enjoyed contemplating Romans 5:1-8 while sitting by the ocean which has always been a spiritual connection for me. Wayne and I had such a rich experience that we are going to come back next week with the hopes that it will be sunny. Also, they are having a Lemonade on the Lawn! 

St. Ann's By the Sea (29)

Afterward we walked around Kennebunkport.

St. Ann's By the Sea (30)

There were many fallen petals which smelled wonderful.

St. Ann's By the Sea (31)

Inside one of the thousands of beach roses before us.


A colorful display downtown.

About our 2017 Maine Episcopal Summer Chapel Tour: Wayne and I plan to visit approximately eight seasonal chapels in Maine over the next few months. I will be sharing our experiences here on Serene New England. You can see all posts related to the tour here. I hope you will enjoy them and would love to have you share your thoughts in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Episcopal Summer Chapel: St. Ann’s By the Sea, Kennebunkport

  1. Another exquisite Episcopalian Church! Two friends of mine were married there. Since it was summer, I kind of wondered why they hadn’t chosen to have the ceremony outdoors. But no matter, the inside of that chapel is beautiful. We left our cars there after the ceremony, and were taken to the reception by the Kennebunkport trolleys. The bride’s grandmother had a house nearby, with the reception being on her lawn. It was a lovely, memorable wedding.
    Interestingly, the couple and their two daughters belong to St. Mary’s. Add to that, the groom’s son by his first marriage was very good friends with Angus Ferrell in high school, they worked out together daily. The son lives with his father and stepmother. The blended family was, and is, very happy together.
    But I digress. Kennebunkport holds a special place for me because John and I seriously considered buying a house in Kennebunkport, and we had one particular house in mind. Again, ancient history. But I do love the area, and its beauty right by the ocean. Time for a visit! Again,a very beautiful chapel in a gorgeous town.
    So many of your entries, Averyl, strike deep chords in me! Thank you!

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    1. DeeDee thank you for sharing your experiences with the church and you’re welcome! I do miss seeing you and John at St. Mary’s on Sundays. I hope we can get together soon!


    Many thanks for sharing your experience, and now await your next chapter.

    Edith McCormick,
    Trinity Church, Portland

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