Mysterious Maine Bears, Or, A Cute Coincidence

Yesterday afternoon I drove to Bridgham & Cook in Freeport to buy some preserves. On my way home there was a traffic jam on 295 southbound while still in Freeport, which was unusual. What was the holdup? An accident? No– people were rubbernecking to take a look at what I snapped above.

Now, seeing Maine wildlife on the side of the road is commonplace, but I have no idea what was going on there! As strange as sight as it was, things got even weirder later in the evening when I received a mysterious text with an attached photo from an unknown phone number.

Bear Jam (3)

Yes. An unknown person sent me that photo at bedtime! What was the universe trying to tell me about bears? I replied to the text with: “?????????????????”

The next morning I received a reply. Turns out it was my friend/neighbor’s husband whose number I didn’t have stored in my phone. They meant to send it to their granddaughter(‘s mother) who had mistakenly left her bear behind during her last visit, so they were keeping her in the loop as to his activities.

I thought that was so sweet. I hope these Tiptree Wilkin & Sons preserves I bought in Freeport will be too!

Bear Jam (1)


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