Summer Solstice Sunset Picnic at Ferry Beach, Scarborough

Summer really is here here and Ferry Beach, only minutes from my house, is my favorite place to enjoy a warm evening.  After work, Wayne and I had headed over for a sunset picnic.

Ferry Beach Picnic (1)

I prepared a simple meal of egg salad sandwiches, red grapes, unsalted (I’m working on reducing my sodium intake) kettle chips which were surprisingly satisfying and sparkling Lime Mint Elderflower mineral water.

Ferry Beach Picnic (2)

After a long day on his feet wearing Red Wing boots Wayne was happy to kick back and feel the warm sand in his toes.

Ferry Beach Picnic (3)

Ferry Beach Picnic (9)

Ferry Beach Picnic (7)

Ferry Beach Picnic (4)

Ferry Beach Picnic (5)

The two dots in the distance are people on kayaks.


A couple about to go fly fishing was walking by but stopped so I could take their pic with the setting sun behind them.

Ferry Beach Picnic (6)

These are the moments I hope to remember in February when we’re raking snow off of our roof while wondering why we live here.

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