Lemonade and Sunshine at St. Ann’s Episcopal Church

Last week Wayne and I attended St. Ann’s in Kennebunkport for the first time. It truly was going to be a one stop visit in our summer tour, but we fell in love! Services were outside on that cool and very foggy morning. While the fog gave the stone church an ethereal quality, it obscured the view of the sea. When we heard that there was to be a Lemonade on the Lawn this week we decided to return for it, possible sunshine and another healing dose of services overlooking the sea.




We came prepared this week with a wool Pendleton stadium blanket just in case it got cold. It’s also comfy to sit upon.


The organist, Dick, the first person we met at the church last week who was very welcoming is celebrating a birthday tomorrow. His age has not been disclosed but word has it that he goes water-skiing barefoot! During services we sang “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” and “Morning Has Broken.”


We were treated to a Baptism of an adorable little baby so serene that she slept through it.


This is Josie, a much loved rescue and dog child of Rev. Dr. Peter Cheney who insists he is the lucky one. I understand his feelings. I still my my rescue Timmy every day!


There were treats to go with the lemonade.


Wayne and I met some new people whose history with St. Ann’s goes back many generations. It’s amazing to me that the church has been here all the years I’ve lived in Maine yet I’m just now discovering it. As I strengthen my spiritual life I find that I am seeking out the people, places and things that are truly fulfilling. I am also open to it.


Next week we plan to attend Trinity Church in York Harbor, but we just may double up and attend another 8:00 a.m. service at St. Ann’s on the way. It’s a good fit for us.

About our 2017 Maine Episcopal Summer Chapel Tour: Wayne and I plan to visit approximately eight seasonal chapels in Maine over the next few months. I will be sharing our experiences here on Serene New England. You can see all posts related to the tour here. I hope you will enjoy them and would love to have you share your thoughts in the comments!

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