Homemade Garden Fresh White Rose Water

I’m loving having roses growing and blooming all summer.  Then I remembered that one of the vintage apothecary bottles I bought at a rummage sale last year has a rose water label and decided I’d fill it with my own homemade rose water!

Homemade White Rose Water (2).jpg

I cut a few stems and placed them in a crackle glass vase.

Homemade White Rose Water (1).jpg

We enjoyed looking at them on our kitchen table. When they started to wilt, I removed the petals, rinsed them off, covered them with water and let them simmer for about five minutes. Afterward I poured the water through a sieve into a Mason jar and let it cool.

Homemade White Rose Water (3).jpg

Next I placed a few drops of vegetable glycerin and some witch hazel into the bottle before adding the rose water. I also poured some into a mini atomizer. I placed both in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for about one week.

Before bed last night I rubbed some onto my face with a cotton ball and splashed some into my hands and rubbed it on my arms. My skin feels softer this morning and the relaxing subtle scent was calming before sleep. It’s a wonderful feeling to make something from our gardens! Have you ever made or used rose water?

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