Maine Episcopal Summer Chapel Tour: St. Peter’s By The Sea, Cape Neddick

We got an early start this morning so that we could double dip by attending two services, one at St. Ann’s and the other at St. Peter’s By The Sea. Today is also my twenty-third sobriety anniversary! Our original plan was to attend services at a local-to-us summer chapel after a celebratory breakfast at the Black Point Inn. We had to change our plans but today turned out to be another magical Sunday summer morning in Maine thanks to the welcoming Episcopalian spirit!

St Peters By The Sea

After a beautiful 8:00 a.m. service at St. Ann’s outside seaside chapel in Kennebunkport and having my 23rd recovery medallion blessed by Reverend Cheney, we came to St. Peter’s which sits atop of a hill.

St Peters By The Sea (2)

From their website: “St. Peter’s by the Sea Episcopal was built in 1897 from a bequest by Nannie Dunlap Conoroe, widow of George. Built on Christian Hill so that its cross would be visible to sailors at sea, the Church was designed by George C. Burns and built by Edward Blaisdell of York. The stained glass windows were designed and built by the Connick Studios of Boston.”

St Peters By The Sea (7)

There is a memorial garden next to the church.

St Peters By The Sea (8)

St Peters By The Sea (10)

As always, I like to highlight old stained glass because it’s so lovely.

St Peters By The Sea (11)

St Peters By The Sea (14)

St Peters By The Sea (18)

St Peters By The Sea (19)

St Peters By The Sea (20)

Inside views.

St Peters By The Sea (13)

This, like all of my other inside photos of any church, is taken before or after services. The pews were full when services began, and today was a treat.

St Peters By The Sea (22)

The Reverend Todd R. FitzGerald from Texas is this month’s visiting clergy, however, he has an agreement that meant that he was not giving today’s sermon. I did, however, speak with the Reverend on the phone yesterday when I called ahead to ensure that ALL are welcome. I felt really good when I hung up the phone and knew Wayne and I had nothing to worry about and everything good to anticipate.

St Peters Headmaster

So that agreement: Reverend FitzGerald was invited by the Reverend Dr. D. Stuart Dunnan, headmaster of Saint James School, to be visiting clergy at St. Peter’s with the understanding that he would be giving one Sunday sermon which is what happened today. I really appreciated Reverend Dunnan’s no-nonsense, down-to-earth, practical and humorous take on plugging ourselves into the right source for direction and not being self-centered. It brought me back to my school days and memories of the headmaster  at Lenox Birch-Wathen in New York City. The Headmaster today shared the sound advice he gives to his students: Be polite. Be honest. I feel like our nation could use a wise Headmaster right now! 

Also of note is that we were treated to the voice of soprano Sarah Yanovitch.

St Peters By The Sea (21)

I love that the bell (you can see the rope) is actually still powered by the people.

St Peters By The Sea (4).jpg

After the services Wayne was talking with George Wilson who generously donates his time to  ensure that the church property is maintained, clean and organized. Wayne is holding a mug with images of the church and a little note pad that was handed out as a gift after services. How cute and sweet is that?! (To all of the above!)

St Peters By The Sea (5)

I was feeling great after the service! But there’s more!

St Peters By The Sea (25)

After services all are invited into the Victorian-Era rectory that overlooks the ocean.

St Peters By The Sea (27)

All visitors are made to feel at home in this dreamy setting.

St Peters By The Sea (24)

Talk about double-dipping! I asked Rev. FitzGerald if he would bless my recovery medallion that was already blessed by Rev. Cheney (it turns out that the two of them are close associates!) He said a beautiful prayer holding my medallion as he, Wayne and I joined hands. 

Wayne and I are so grateful for the hospitality, warmth and inspiration we experienced today. NONE of this would be happening, including my relationship with Wayne, if I was drinking. There’s so much more but it’s beyond the scope of a blog post. Next we went our for a lobster lunch which I’ll share in my next post.

About our 2017 Maine Episcopal Summer Chapel Tour: Wayne and I plan to visit numerous seasonal chapels in Maine over the next few months. I will be sharing our experiences here on Serene New England. You can see all posts related to the tour here. I hope you will enjoy them and would love to have you share your thoughts in the comments!

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