Lobster at Rising Tide/Pine Point Fisherman’s Co-op, Scarborough

After church yesterday Wayne and I went to Rising Tide for celebratory lobster to celebrate my 23 years of sobriety. We thought we were playing it smart by going between lunch and dinner so that we’d be able to get a table in a reasonable period of time (or a table at all!), but we almost had to turn around! Dozens of cars were illegally parked by beachgoers taking up the parking spaces intended for the boat launch and business. Scarborough police left so many tickets that they had to call backup to bring more!

It wasn’t looking good for us and we were about to give up. Then we stopped and asked the fellow working the lot if he could help us out. Turns out he could and did! He was talking to a man who was parked in a “premiere” parking spot right next to Rising Tide. “You were just leaving, right?” he said to the man. The man begrudgingly left and pulled out of the best and only spot in the entire lot, and our new friend said: “One angry, two happy!” He then again emphasized that we had a “premiere” spot. Indeed! Thank you!

Lobster (7).jpg

Lobster (6).jpg

Lobster (5).jpg

Lobster (1)

Usually we sit inside but we got a prime spot on the deck closest to the water. The man behind us (I think) jokingly offered us $500 for our table.

Lobster (3)

We had one the meatiest lobsters EVER.  It was jam packed with meat and hardly any water.

Lobster (14).jpg

Some hard shell that was!


What a day!


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