Our First Cherry Tomato Harvest

We finally had our first cherry tomato harvest! They are as sweet as they are pretty!

My next Episcopal Summer Chapel Tour post will be after we visit St. Martin’s in the Field in Biddeford Pool next Sunday. This morning we went to the outdoor seaside services at St. Ann’s. It was a very blustery morning and in the low 60s. A very lovely lady, Sylvia, came to the rescue. She invited us to sit next to her and she shared her blanket under which we huddled. Sometimes a warm gesture can do more than any physical barrier against the cold.

Coming up next is a post about our visit to an enchanting English garden.


2 thoughts on “Our First Cherry Tomato Harvest

  1. Hi Averyl, Yum, cherry tomatoes. I have returned to my Kentucky home after finishing my blessed and delightful service at Trinity Chapel, Kennebunk Beach, this summer. I really appreciated your blog describing your visit to this summer chapel a few weeks ago – well done! I hope you and Wayne will visit again in 2018. Keep up your blog which includes your enjoyable writing and beautiful pictures. Serene New England keeps me in touch with a wonderful corner of God’s Creation – until I return to preside at Trinity Chapel again next summer.

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    1. Welcome back home, Reverend, and back here to your virtual access to Maine. 😀 Thanks for letting me know you enjoy it and will keep on reading! Feedback like yours keeps me inspired to keep blogging. Wayne and I would definitely like to revisit Trinity next year. This has been a summer of creating new traditions. (I lived in Louisville in 1999 – 2000– it’s a beautiful state!)


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