Sick in bed (in the summer?!)

Hi everyone. I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and since then have had a rising fever and pain when I swallow. Because of this we won’t be going to church tomorrow, so my promised summer chapel tour post won’t be forthcoming this week. If needed I’ll go to a doctor on Monday. I’ll be taking it easy reading and watching TV in bed. I’ve never gotten sick during the summer before. 😦

6 thoughts on “Sick in bed (in the summer?!)

    1. Your prayers must have helped, Reverend Edmands, thank you! I rarely get a fever; in fact I’ve had a fever only twice before this in a 20 year period so I did feel alarmed. It broke in the middle of the night and this morning my temp is normal. 🙂 Swallowing is still painful so something is amiss but I’m going to take it easy at home and reflect, on this Sabbath Sunday, the importance of rest and restoration.


  1. So sorry to hear that you are ill! It’s such a beautiful day, not a day where you need to stay indoors because you’re sick. Of course, I do think it is wise if you see a doctor, and yes, along with the fever, the painful swallowing obviously needs attention. Please let me know how you are doing. Of course, you have my prayers and well wishes. 💕🤗
    I’m assuming that Wayne has escaped whatever It is you have?

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