Summering at Home in Scarborough (while sick)

Good morning! I’m feeling better today. Out of the blue on Friday I came down with a fever peaking at 101, sore throat and swollen glands that lasted through the weekend. I went to the doctor yesterday and I have tonsillitis. I’ll know tomorrow if I need antibiotics and I really hope I don’t because I don’t tolerate them very well and am allergic to some. However, I’m hopeful I won’t need them because my symptoms are far less severe today.  In the meantime I’ve been “summering” at home and the accommodations, entertainments and care thanks to Wayne have been tops!

Victorian Era Anatomy Diagram from Medicology.jpg

I know consulting with Dr. Google until an actual doctor can see you  is a bad idea since the most benign of symptoms will pull up various death sentences. It’s also extremely inaccurate. I once googled my symptoms and found exactly what I was experiencing! However, the medical advice was to take the cat to the vet immediately and have its prostate checked. Oh boy. Literally.

After my doctor’s appointment I decided to consult one of my Victorian Era medical books totaling over 1,400 pages that I’ve been wanting to delve into over the years but never made the time until now: “Medicology” written in 1901. I was curious to see if my condition was listed and what the treatment was at the time.

Medicology Tonsilitis.jpg

Whoa! Flushing out the system with “calomel” aka MERCURY! I’ll skip that, the Epsom Salts and Dover’s powder. (Speaking of outdated drugs, I once unknowingly bought a vial of antique Heroin at an estate sale! It was in a collection of antique apothecary bottles. I “turned myself in” to a cop friend who assured me I was fine and I disposed of the contents before putting it on ebay.) Salicylate of soda sounds like a precursor to aspirin, which I’ve been taking (the latter). I skipped all of the other nefarious “remedies.” Yikes.

The fun really started while I was reading in my sunroom and Chippie, who usually is coy, did a great job of lifting my spirits. 

Backyard Fun (2).jpg

She was being super cute on the deck.

Backyard Fun (1).jpg

Every so often she’d start chirping and I’d look up and see her looking right at me. She’d wait until she saw me see her before she ran to hide under the deck.

Backyard Fun (3).jpg

This little game of hide-and-seek really lifted my spirits! But what was coming next still makes me smile inside and out.

Backyard Fun (6).jpg

Again, she made a racket then stopped at stared at me to make sure I was looking. Then:

Backyard Fun (5).jpg

What was that rascal doing?! She stayed in that position for almost a full minute! It hurt my throat to laugh but I couldn’t help it. I’d like to believe she knew she was brightening my day. I’ve never seen her or any of the chipmunks here over the years do that before. She’s such a sweetie and a true yard pet.

Backyard Fun (8).jpg

I spent a little time outside with Wayne while he painted our shed that sits at the edge of our woods. We’re fortunate to have dragonflies in our yard, some of which are very large and fun to watch. The hummingbird made an appearance and Wayne saw a little frog jump into one of our roses while he was watering them!

Backyard Fun (11).jpg

I think he did an excellent job!

I rarely watch TV but spent hours and hours watching fluffy movies and vintage sitcoms like I Love Lucy (that show is timeless and brilliant), Love Boat (so moronic! Why did I like it as a kid?!), Love American Style (not as cheesy as I remember it) and my favorite, My Three Sons.

4 thoughts on “Summering at Home in Scarborough (while sick)

  1. Glad you are in deeper water (that is feeling better). I had my tonsils removed when I was six. That was the trend 60 plus years ago. The best part was enjoying ginger ale and ice cream floated for a week. Take care. Ah yes, the shed looks great! Good job Wayne.

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    1. Wayne was surprised I still had my tonsils since he is also a Boomer. I do recall watching old sitcoms like Leave it to Beaver where tonsil removal was synonymous with endless ice cream and presents. 🙂 And thank you!


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