Resolution: Victorian-Era Advice Worth Following

I acquired this little Victorian-era birthday greeting in a box with other small antique booklets and cards at an auction house in the early 2000s. It had a very powerful impact on me when I read it, but at some point it got placed in storage and so did the words that speak the resolve to be true to ourselves. (I’ve learned over the years that authentic people are the only people that really matter to me.) Recently I rediscovered this and hope to never put it out of my mind and heart. Perhaps it will speak to you, too.

Victoeian Birthday Card Resolution (2).jpg

Victoeian Birthday Card Resolution (3).jpg

Victoeian Birthday Card Resolution (4)

You are important. Share your message! Be it! Live it!

2 thoughts on “Resolution: Victorian-Era Advice Worth Following

  1. A sweet, simple, and humble verse. How timely that you shared it now in a world that needs sacrificial love and kindness more than ever. Thank you!

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