Sightseeing & Lobster Dinner on Bailey Island

Wayne and I took a drive out to Bailey Island, an absolutely adorable and picturesque place. The summer breezes were filled with the wonderful scent of the sea. 


The view while driving over the very narrow historic Cribstone Bridge from Orr’s Island to Bailey Island. There’s a walking path on the left.

Bailey Island Maine (1).jpg


We stopped at the Landmark Gift Shop, open since 1959, at the “end of the road.”

Bailey Island Maine (16).jpg

Porch views…

Bailey Island Maine (3).jpg

A statue! Let’s get a closer look…

Bailey Island Maine (2).jpg

Bailey Island Maine (9).jpg

Bailey Island Maine (4).jpg

A Memorial To All Maine Fisherman Who Have Devoted Their Lives To The Sea.”

Bailey Island Maine (5).jpg

Bailey Island Maine (6).jpg

Bailey Island Maine (7).jpg

I am very moved by the emotional details on his face that is beautifully complimented by the patina. I have not altered the colors in this photo in any way.

Bailey Island Maine (11).jpg

Bailey Island Maine (12).jpg

Bailey Island Maine (13).jpg

Bailey Island Maine (14).jpg

A hobby fisherman.

Bailey Island Maine (15).jpg

Bailey Island Maine (17).jpg

Stained glass sights inside the shop.

Bailey Island Maine (18).jpg

A patriotic pallet.

Bailey Island Maine (19).jpg

Lobster stew at the local church community supper.

Bailey Island Maine (21).jpg

Yellow lobster traps look color-coordinated with the yellow flowering weeds.

Bailey Island Maine (22).jpg

The view from Cook’s Lobster & Ale House.

Bailey Island Maine (27).jpg

Wayne checking out the views. (He’s so handsome!)

Bailey Island Maine (28)

Wayne! This place! This Island! The three of them together during a typical perfect sunny Maine summer day made a memorable meal.  Cook’s is in the center of it all surrounded by water, boats and lobster traps.

We had the Land and Sea (aka surf-n-turf) which is tenderloin beef medallions with twin lobster tails and two sides which for me were fries and slaw. I had a huge smile on my face during my whole meal. Everything was so good and cooked to perfection. We both loved our dinners!

The meal, the views, the summer weather and spending time with Wayne was bliss.

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