Home Sweet Home

I took the pic above yesterday after Wayne cut the grass and I trimmed the shrubs. Today has been rainy with intermittent rumbles of thunder. I’m definitely a “homebody” and am enjoying this time to relax indoors after a very full and wonderful summer. Here’s how my day looked:

Home Sweet Home (4).jpg

This was Chippie making friends with our vintage chippy squirrel outside my sunroom window. I think he wanted to see if the cement nut that the squirrel had in its paws was perhaps edible. He entertains me daily and might need his own future blog post.

Home Sweet Home (1).jpg

This is the view from my sunroom rocking chair. As you can see I have a herd of kitschy vintage mid century lawn statues I bought at estate sales over the years.

Home Sweet Home (2).jpg

I keep the a.m. radio tuned to the indie oldies station.

Home Sweet Home (3).jpg

I’m loving these old Christian books! There is so much wisdom in them that I often have to pause to reflect on the readings.


I put together a pot of our garden tomatoes, red onions and organic sirloin that has been simmering on the stove all afternoon. I just tasted it and hope Wayne doesn’t get stuck in traffic on his way home because I’m ready for stew! Speaking of tomatoes, I’ll have a garden update in the next couple of weeks.

Home Sweet Home (5).jpg


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