Abandoned Beauty: Limington, Maine Church

Wayne and I stopped to take photos of this decaying church during our foliage drive this past weekend. I think of all of the celebrations, sermons and funerals that once took place here and how forlorn and sad it is now. Yet, that gives it a haunting beauty, don’t you think?

Abandoned Limington Maine Church (3).jpg

Abandoned Limington Maine Church (2)

Abandoned Limington Maine Church (5).jpg

Abandoned Limington Maine Church (6).jpg

Abandoned Limington Maine Church (4).jpg

11 thoughts on “Abandoned Beauty: Limington, Maine Church

  1. Hi Averyl! πŸ™‚ That’s such a cute little church and it’s so sad to see it abandoned like that… Maybe someone will buy it and transform it into a home. And that little doll in the window, needs someone to keep her company!

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    1. Hi Paula! It’s funny how that little doll really makes an impression. I would have never noticed her had I not gotten close enough. It’s like a small piece of innocence and hope standing firm against the decay.


  2. My dad preached in this church from the mid 60’s to the late 70’s. For some reason, there was a division in the people of the church. I’m not sure what all happened as I was too young, but my dad left and we moved away. The orginal name was East Limington General Baptist Church. I have old pictures of the sign and the building somewhere. Apparently half of the people left the church, built a new building and named it East Limington Baptist Church. They still have the original phone number we had at the parsonage, which was located about a quarter of a mile east on 25. I don’t know how long the original church building was in use after that, but it appears that it hasn’t been used in some time. There were a lot of weddings and funerals held there while we were there. There is a cemetary behind the church. If you would have looked on the west side of the building on the ground, there were wild blueberries growing at the edge of the trees. I don’t know anything about the doll.

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    1. Jon, THANK YOU truly for providing this history! I could sense when I was there that there was a lot of energy coming from decades of services. Also, I love old cemeteries and did not know about there being one behind the church. (Or the blueberries!). Would you be interested in doing a guest post that would include some of those old photos and more about your father’s time at the church?

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  3. Oh, my. What sweet memories I have. By going to Sunday School, Church, and Vacation Bible School, and Youth group. I remember Pastor Storey. Such a sweet and gentle soul. It’s sad to see the Church as it is. I’ve been to some of the wedding and funerals held there.

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