Chippie Updates

Chippie is back after having disappeared for a few days, and she is wounded. Shown is before and after. Looks like she was in a fight! She was eating and able to sit, stand and run. But she is obviously shaken and missing tufts of fur. Please if anyone reading this has any suggestions let me know. I am going to contact my vet tomorrow along with two wildlife rehabs. New updates added 10/25.



Update 10/25 Wednesday morning: Chippie is doing well this morning. She was out on the deck despite the rain. I came out to sit with and feed her. I noticed the rain washed away the piece of debris (skin??) that was stuck on her fur by her nose. Thanks to Facebook friends two different wildlife rehab specialists looked at her pics and said she looks like she got into a scuffle but her wounds are superficial and she should be ok!


This is how she looks right now. There is another chipmunk that has been taunting her, likely the one who wounded her, and he was outside by the deck. I watched as she chased him off which is also a great sign.


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  1. Good news!
    My aunt and uncle had a wild squirrel that would come in their kitchen near the back door and take the peanuts they would leave for him. They named the squirrel peanut. This went on for about two years then he just stopped coming.

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    1. That is very sweet. I had no idea how attached I’d become to a little chipmunk. It’s hard when they are still wild and you can’t keep them safe or know what happens when they no longer show up!


  2. Oh no!!! Poor baby!! I held my breath reading your post. I was afraid of the worst! I’m so glad she appears to be okay. It’s a good sign that she chased that little bully off. I hope he doesn’t bother her again. Averyl, you are a good chipmunk mommy! haha! 🙂 You have such a sweet heart.

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