Getting Ready for the Storm

We’re getting a nasty rain and wind storm tonight and tomorrow. Presently there are still some colored leaves on the trees, tomatoes on the vines and Chippie’s health is stable.

October Clean Up (1).jpg

I picked these gorgeous tomatoes off of the vine only days ago while they were still mostly green, and then placed them in a paper bag to ripen. Today I picked the remaining promising looking tomatoes; by that I mean if they have any hint of color. I learned last year that tomatoes that are still very green don’t ripen, even if you place them in a paper bag with one that is ripe.

October Clean Up (3).jpg

Chippie’s face looks about the same from her mysterious fight but she is doing well.

October Clean Up (2).jpg

She’s been hanging around in her own special way which is great. Yesterday I got to see her stuff dead leaves in her mouth which was the cutest thing: The first leaf was first folded into squares with her little front paws while she held the end in her mouth. It looked a little like origami. She simply crumbled the next into a ball. I expect that she won’t be venturing out tomorrow into the storm and will be warm and dry with her leafy bedding and stash of seeds.

October Clean Up (6).jpg

It’s pretty strange that the grass is still very green. It just doesn’t seem like the end of October.

October Clean Up (5).jpg

Hopefully the storm won’t take down limbs and power lines and will simply shake off the remaining dying leaves from the trees.

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  1. We’re still green but obviously we don’t have the distinct four seasons that y’all do up there. Be safe and warm!

    Also, that back view of Chippie is just too adorable. 🙂

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