Sunset at 4:25 p.m.

After I bought my house in 2009 I researched the original owners and discovered they still lived in town. I invited them over and they brought photo albums of my house and neighborhood. The above photo is my fireplace in my house being built in the 1950s. I love the warmth of the mason and dog looking at one another in an otherwise dark room lit by a hanging light bulb. Adequate illumination is not all about brightness, but the visual warmth and glow and how it influences our mood. With daylight becoming more scarce I have implemented safe flameless firelight therapy.

Flameless Candles (3).jpg

I purchased a variety of flameless candles that can be turned on and off via remote control or timer, left unattended and placed in close proximity to flammable objects. Some of them are made with wax and have “dancing” flames that mimic actual candlelight so that from afar it’s difficult to know they aren’t real. If you have pets or little kids you don’t have to worry about them knocking them over and setting your house on fire!

Flameless Candles (6).jpg

I placed some vintage matchbooks next to these pillar candles to lend authenticity.

Flameless Candles (5).jpg

These nifty little flickering tea lights with faux wax drips add a nice glow to my fireplace.

Flameless Candles (4).jpg

Flameless Candles (9).jpg

I purchased this handmade vintage fake fireplace in my sunroom at an estate sale years ago. (It came with the Native American and sailboat decals.)

Flameless Candles (2).jpg

The mirror in back really adds to the brightness!

Flameless Candles (8)

Another estate sale find is this vintage etched glass lantern that was used to burn taper candles. 

Flameless Candles (7).jpg

I placed one of our window candles inside of it and really like the effect!

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  1. It must have been a real treat to see the old pictures of your house and the neighborhood. I always said houses have a history just like families. Sometimes they even are the same.

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  2. Your home is beautiful. I love the record-player with the albums lined up underneath. I bought a turn-table last year and have been enjoying playing my father’s albums.

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