An Early Christmas for Wishy the Chippie

We had a bit of an Indian summer today; highs were in the low 50s and the sun was out. Wishy is the last chippie to remain above ground and together we enjoyed the nice day out on the deck. Here are some of the outtakes:

Wishy the Chipmunk (11).jpg

Hey, who is this guy and why is his nose red?

Wishy the Chipmunk (10).jpg

Looks like he has something to say but I still can’t hear him!

Wishy the Chipmunk (12).jpg

OK, I’ll pose for the camera and act like Rudie and I go way back.

Wishy the Chipmunk (4).jpg

You mean I’m supposed to sit on his lap and tell him what I want for Christmas? Nope.

Wishy the Chipmunk (8).jpg

Look, Bub, I’m sure you’re swell but I’ll tell you what I want from over here…

Wishy the Chipmunk (6).jpg

Wishy like the oldies a.m. station as much as I do.


Wishy the Chipmunk (1).jpg

Plus it’s nice to have some ambiance when luncheon is served.

Wishy the Chipmunk (2).jpg

Thank you, God, for this meal and kooky old lady who keeps feeding me…

Wishy the Chipmunk (3).jpg

A good time was had by all! I also had a bit of an early Christmas. I received an unexpected package from a dear childhood friend who knows I enjoy my chipmunks. She had no idea that I already owned and love this book (and Wishy is named after the author, Wishner) which is long out of print. More importantly, my copy isn’t in great shape, including a torn dust jacket, since I bought it at a yard sale. I have been wishing for a nice one…


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