Setting Up A Vintage Christmas

Last year Wayne and I had a real tree but I realized I prefer my seven foot 1950s aluminum tree since it coordinates better, in my opinion, with my mid-century mercury glass ornaments.

Vintage Christmas 2017 (2).jpg

I place a pretty Victorian advertising box in my sunroom every year and fill it up. She was a display for Fairy Soap.

Vintage Christmas 2017 (6).jpg

This year I’m placing pink-toned ornaments on the tree.

Vintage Christmas 2017 (5).jpg

Vintage Christmas 2017 (1)

121 “pom pom” branches in the original sleeves. 

Vintage Christmas 2017 (7)

My late Nana’s musical Santa that I adored as a little girl–she gave it to me shortly before she passed away.

Vintage Christmas 2017 (8).jpg

As for missing the aroma of a real tree, I balance out the artifice with accents of pine and balsam. The pine needles are from a tree in my backyard and I made the sachets by filling vintage Christmas hankies with balsam.

Vintage Christmas 2017 (3).jpg

Vintage Christmas 2017 (10).jpg

Wishy stopped by this morning and gave a kiss to the elf.  I‘ll share pics of the tree once it’s set up and dolled up!

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