Living in the Moment

This has been such a creepy and shocking news day! Matt Lauer, Garrison Keillor…

Today was also an odd weather day, but semi-lovely. It was 59 degrees and sunny for a few hours before the clouds moved in quickly and it began to rain briefly. Once it cleared the winds picked up and the temperature dropped ten degrees in one hour.

Feeding Chipmunks Wishy the Chippie (11)

Wishy was sitting on the deck around 11:00 a.m. as was the squirrel who keeps hoping I’ll feed him, too. I always welcome the opportunity to step away from my desk, out of my thoughts and into the present moment–outdoors.

Feeding Chipmunks Wishy the Chippie (7).jpg

Yesterday was the first time that Wishy trusted me enough to sit on my lap while I feed him.

Feeding Chipmunks Wishy the Chippie (6).jpg

Feeding Chipmunks Wishy the Chippie (5).jpg

My mind becomes very quiet. I simply watch and feel the sun, wind and “weight” (ounces!) of Wishy on my leg.

Feeding Chipmunks Wishy the Chippie (4).jpg

Feeding Chipmunks Wishy the Chippie (1).jpg

Although many chipmunks have gone underground for the season like dear old Chippie/Nicky, I heard the “chip chip chip” of other chipmunks in neighboring yards. The warmer weather seems to be delaying their winter torpor. I can easily let my mind drift into frightening thoughts about climate change, but I’m able to let go of that until I’m back inside. Things are getting weird which is why I feel it’s more important than ever to make time every day to unplug and connect with the natural world.

Feeding Chipmunks Wishy the Chippie (8).jpg

9 thoughts on “Living in the Moment

  1. I agree with you about staying peaceful through all this upheaval. I subscribe to a site that puts out these ‘fortune cookie’ notes to remind me to encourage and be encouraged. Look at today’s: It is a time to receive fun and refreshment in the spirit so that you can give it to others. #dailyprophetic. Having a chipmunk on your lap must bring a sweet feeling to your spirit.

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  2. I’ve been totally shocked by the allegations also. If I had the power, I’d have Lauer serve jail time to set a clear example of what will not be tolerated.
    I’ve been a bit sad lately as my cat of 14 years just died 😦

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