Goodnight, Chippies

Wishy last visited with us four days ago; it’s evident that he has gone underground for the winter. It’s bittersweet because I’m relieved for his well-being and know it’s best for him but sad for me! Winter is arriving tomorrow with our first snowfall. I miss Chippie and Wishy but it’s encouraging knowing that under the inevitable deep blankets of snow my little friends are curled up sleeping, awakening to eat food from their larder before drifting in and out of torpor to pass the winter.  I hope they will emerge well rested and healthy in the spring! God bless these little creatures that bring us joy. 

2 thoughts on “Goodnight, Chippies

  1. I am sure Chippie is well insulated from the winter blasts. Take care and stay warm this weekend. It looks like Ms Winter is throwing her white blanket out up theya, Ya betta find your shovel.

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