I turned 50 yesterday!


Yesterday Wayne and I had a delightful dinner at Back Bay Grill in Portland to celebrate my 50th birthday. We both had the Filet Mignon which was possibly the best we’ve ever had, and we shared the Crème Brûlée for dessert which was compliments of the chef. 



No matter how careful we are and how much we plan, a lot of life is also dependent upon luck. I don’t worry about wrinkles and I have no plans to color my graying hair! That doesn’t mean I’m letting myself go, of course! It means I’m letting myself be. I absolutely love being fifty! I made it!!!


As you can see, I appreciate silver and things that are 50s. I’m not just talking about the tree! (Yesterday morning after I took this pic I was all bundled up and de-icing my car with a scraper [Wayne would do it for me but I like the exercise], when suddenly a chunk of ice flew up into the air and straight down my sweater [not this one] and into my bra just as the street plow pushed dozens of icebergs onto the edge of the driveway. Maine winters and life are “funny” that way!)

16 thoughts on “I turned 50 yesterday!

  1. Happy Be-lated Birthday Averyl!! I also do not color my hair. It started “changing” to salt and pepper while I was in my late forties, and now at age 59 it is “really” salt and pepper (maybe more salt than pepper). I consider my hair color well earned, and it’s God’s coloring after all.

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  2. Oh happy birthday! My sister Heather’s was the 13th as well. How cool! I got her some sassy, felted wool bowls from a local artist, Rachel Fontenot Crawford. She has an Etsy shop. I noticed she has salt and pepper hair, Rachel, not my sister, and it is blue. She says the gray picks up the kool-aid color great.

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