My House at Christmas in the 1950s

Shortly after I bought my house in 2009 I researched who lived in my house in the 1950s. It turned out to be the town Santa Claus! He and his wife had my house custom built in the early 1950s, then lived here for over forty years where they raised two children. There was only one other owner between when they moved out and I moved in. I invited them over and they shared many wonderful photos and stories. During Christmas that year I invited them “home” once again!

Christmas 1950s & Today (1)

My house in the winter. That car port was later built into this sunroom:


Christmas 1950s & Today (2).jpg

They placed their tree in front of the picture window. Look at those toys!

Christmas 1950s & Today (6).jpg

We have a couch in front of that same window so I set it up in this corner every year.

Flameless Candles (10)

Christmas 1950s & Today (4).jpg

The stocking on the left is the exact same stocking that hung there in the 50s pictured in the first photo. That’s because a sweet friend saw the old photo and managed to find the exact same stocking in an antique shop and sent it to me!

Christmas 1950s & Today (3).jpg

That’s the lady of the house opening her Christmas presents.

Christmas 1950s & Today (5).JPG

And here she is in 2009 standing with her husband, the gentleman who played the town Santa in Scarborough, Maine for many years! They both enjoyed coming “home for the holidays!”

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