Greetings From Sunny Disney World!

I’m not in Disney World but I was in the 1970s. Wayne and I have no plans to become sunbirds since winter is mostly manageable and isn’t altogether unlovable. However! Our oil company, whom we have prepaid for all of our heating oil for the season is still backlogged.ย 

The space heaters we ordered online a couple of weeks ago (since all local stores were cleaned out of stock and we’re keeping the thermostat turned down until this crazy crunch is over) are still backordered, and FOUR different space heater orders from other online stores were cancelled because they went out of stock after I placed the order.

Today, the heater fan/defroster in my car that only has 26k miles died without warning. First appointment I could get is the day after tomorrow’s snowstorm. (That appointment is to fix the heater/defroster in my car and not with a Florida Realtorยฎ.) It’s going to be a very cold ride over. I called NAPA auto parts and asked about a small heater for my car to get me through until it’s fixed. I was told that the plug-in heaters on the market are less effective than using a Bic lighter. I do appreciate an honest salesman.

Hopefully the next time I update here I will have warmer news!

7 thoughts on “Greetings From Sunny Disney World!

  1. Oh dear! That tells you something when your car heater starts protesting winter. I guess that’s why my grandparents would cut a stack of wood the size of their house every year along with propane. They’d use it all too.
    I’m thinking they didn’t predict this winter very well. Do you have heating blankets and long johns? Maybe two sets of long johns…… You could take some ideas from a Little House book for the car ride. I mean, you could pretend you’re in a sleigh. I think I remember a scene where Laura Wilder said they warmed all the blankets around the fire, and heated rocks to wrap and place at their feet and around their bodies. Oh, and keep your hat on!
    By the way, don’t dream about Florida. My brother just moved an hour away from Disney and it snowed. All he has is flip flops. I think he was a little too optimistic about winter there.
    And this is the second time this winter it has snowed in New Orleans. Come on! It was 80 degrees yesterday! I have one teenage son trying to run through it barefoot. The dog doesn’t know what it is and won’t go potty. It won’t get warm enough to melt today either.
    Can’t wait for you to tell us how it all worked out!

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    1. Thanks, Vienna! That’s a wonderful way to reframe my ride! I recall reading that exact passage in Little House this summer while sitting on my rocking chair in my sunroom. I have very warm coats, boots,socks, tops, layering sweaters and hats. I have super warm mittens and gloves, but they aren’t suitable for driving because they’re so bulky. My driving gloves won’t do the trick in a 25 degree car, so I’m going to have Wayne bring home some hand warmers today. I’m most worried about getting stuck in traffic or needing the defroster, but so far the weather tomorrow is clear.

      I’m sorry but I laughed at your dog being afraid to “go” in the snow because he/she doesn’t know what it is (or thinks it’s scary). ๐Ÿ˜€ Those are very strange temp swings over where you are!

      A piece of good news– I was able to get an oil delivery from our company for tomorrow!


  2. Honestly, I can feel your pain. The Florida weather has been brutally cold and my space heater has been my BFF. I keep it about a foot and a half away from me when working at home. We are expecting another hard freeze tonight. Remember, I am in North Central Florida. Before the winter the weather service predicted a mild winter here. That’s the kiss of death, lol

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  3. While I will not be moving to a warmer area of the country I do take issue with your statement “winter is mostly manageable and isnโ€™t altogether unlovable.” I find it wholly unlovable and managing it becomes more of a chore each year. But that’s just me. Right now I have to deal with a roof leak due to snow and ice that somehow missed my computer and a stack of 100 plus year old photographs, so I guess I have some luck.

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    1. Ice dams are definitely not to be loved. Sorry to hear that you’re dealing with one but thankfully it avoided your treasures. Have you seen this?

      Winter and water don’t always play well together. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      I had an ice dam at my house a few years ago. We try and stay on top of the snow on the roof with regular roof raking and a professional shoveling when needed. We also use Ice Melt tabs for any ice buildup.


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