Not My Kind of Ride

Good news! The inside fan of my baby/old lady Buick sedan* has been replaced so I have heat and a working defroster! The fifteen minute ride over to the dealer for my service appointment? That was an experience. It was sunny and 29 degrees outside. Wayne took the afternoon off from work so that he could follow me in his Subaru and then give me a ride home in case the service department didn’t have the parts in stock. We also ruled out beforehand that it was not a blown fuse. (I learned how to change a car fuse!) He of course offered to drive my car for me and I’d drive his but I knew I could handle it. It ended up being a bit more interesting than anticipated, though!

We took the slightly longer route via local roads instead of the highway in case I needed to pull over for any reason. About halfway there my windshield started to fog up, so to rectify that I had to roll down my window. No big deal; I was dressed very warmly with my hand warmers by my side so they were there when needed. It was kind of amusing to me in a dark January-is-funny-not-funny way.

What put me on edge was when some of the cars ahead of me were releasing snow and water from their rooftops (we had a storm the day before) and some of it landed and stuck to my windshield. I knew that if I ran the wiper fluid it would freeze on contact and completely obstruct my view. At that point we were about two miles from the dealer. I wouldn’t have hesitated to pull over if needed but I was able to see through the splattered bits of snow and minutes later we arrived safely. 


It was nice to spend that extra time with Wayne–we were there for two hours. We had fun looking at the cars in the showroom. Pickup trucks are not something I’d enjoy driving but I was curious to see what it was like to sit in one. Definitely not my kind of ride. While there I noticed AAA towing a car into the parking lot. That’s when it occurred to me, a AAA member for 29 years according to my membership card, that I could have simply called them for a courtesy tow. I dislike when an elegant solution is hiding in plain sight and I recognize it after the fact. I’ll know for next time if there is one, but I’m putting it out there in case something similar happens to you.

It was really nice driving home in a warm car! The service manager suggested that I drive more and specifically highway driving to help clear moisture out of my car which will keep it from freezing and expanding inside which killed the fan. 

*I bought my Buick new in 2012 and right now it has only 26k miles since I work at home so it’s practically new. I bought it knowing Buick is an “old man/lady” brand. I’ve always loved “old lady” and classic styles, plus Wayne enjoys joking with me about it: “It’s the cute old lady who only drives her Buick to church, the supermarket and yard sales!”