Signs of Spring

Last Friday morning I looked through my kitchen window to see if the latest snowstorm had yet begun. I was completely shocked to see a chipmunk sitting on the deck! I didn’t think I would see our court jesters until April. My heart sang as I yelled out to Wayne that it appeared that Wishy was outside. He was last seen at the end of November. I put my coat over my pajamas and ran to the deck. He let me get close to him to take his pic but didn’t visit long before he ran across the yard. But was it really him? And if it was, did my other pal, dear little Chippie, survive the winter or would I soon come to realize she had passed away after her autumn attack?

Wishy Back.jpg

Wishy is the only chipmunk that will run right up to me and jump on my lap.

Feeding Chipmunks Wishy the Chippie (9).jpg

He’s also an ideal model who, last fall, let me do kooky photoshoots…


…like this one.


So with all this in mind I went outside with some food the day after his first sighting since November. He came running up to me and started eating. That’s my Wishy! 


Yesterday afternoon was another unseasonably warm day. Other chipmunks in my yard have since emerged from their winter dens, but none of them were Chippie. I had been both looking forward to and dreading when I would learn whether or not she had survived. I sat on my deck steps where I fed her last year (she lives in a burrow under the deck) and saw a cute curled up Wooly Bear caterpillar. It was then that I saw a little chipmunk looking up at me through the space between the deck steps. Could it be????

Chippie October.jpg

This is how pitiful Chippie looked last fall after she had been attacked and then disappeared at the end of October. That “chip” in her ear was from a battle before we became acquainted. I walked over to her “parlor” entryway with some food.



Chippie Emerges.jpg

It’s hard to not be in awe of how tough these little souls can be, surviving attacks and sub-zero winters, each living a solitary life, alone in their dens, all the while managing to be so endearing. I also love that Chippie’s new scar looks like a heart!



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  1. I’m so glad Chippy is back and okay! And healing nicely by the looks of it. And what a trusting little soul Wishy is, sitting in your lap! These posts make me happy. :)))

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