Wishy Made A Surprise Visit!

Can you spot him on the “mountain” which is my forsythia covered with snow? I didn’t think I’d see him until the snow melted! He’s not as fortunate as Chippie whose burrow entrance is protected from the snow by my deck. (I also shovel a little path to her foyer entrance.) Even so, ain’t no mountain high enough to keep him down! Minutes later Wishy ran over to me and I took some of the more comical pics of him yet!

WishyMissed Me

Do you think he was happy to see me?

4 thoughts on “Wishy Made A Surprise Visit!

  1. Yes! Yes, I think he was! He knows you and likes you! This is so sweet, I love it so much. Averyl, I think you’re the chipmunk whisperer. 😀

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