Our Easter Luncheon

After church this morning we had a delicious new-to-us sandwich for lunch. I’m calling it a New York deli style Easter meal. I think you’ll want to give this a try!

Easter Luncheon (5).jpg

We used lightly toasted gluten-free bread with seeds, uncured corned beef from Whole Foods, egg salad made with Sir Kenisington’s mayonnaise and sliced organic strawberries for the side.

Easter Luncheon (3).jpg

We slathered spicy mustard on the bread and made it all into a sandwich. It’s terrific!

Easter Luncheon (2)

We think this simple but decadent sandwich may become our new Easter lunch tradition.

4 thoughts on “Our Easter Luncheon

    1. I used the Canyon Heritage Style bread. It’s perfect for sandwiches! I’m still trying to perfect a homemade gf bread.


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