Life Grows On

Wayne and I took a walk in our woods to where the clearcutting is occurring behind our property line. It’s very sad up close, but we found comfort in the beauty of our woods in the early spring. It’s therapeutic to share it here with you, both the ugly and God’s creations.

First, I’ll summarize the specs. We own 2.2 acres, about two of which are wooded behind our house and the neighbors on either side of us. This past week about eight acres on the property abutting ours, which unlike ours is zoned commercial/residential, was harvested to make room for an unknown development. 


Maine Woods (24).jpg

The back of our woods sits 25 feet from the clearcutting while our house is about 450 feet away. The rest of the trees you see above the clearcut line belong to a different abutter whose woods also abut ours. He owns 36 acres which essentially means he owns much of the woods behind many the houses on our street…but not ours.

Maine Woods (1)

We walked to our property’s edge.

Maine Woods (2).jpg

We had placed that “No Trespassing” ribbon on our property line last year. The pink ribbon belongs to the developer’s surveyor.

Maine Woods (4).jpg

This used to be a pond surrounded by woods.

Maine Woods (6).jpg

It was bittersweet to see the ducks. They don’t understand that they are going to be losing their pond. It’s our assumption the developer will be filling it in.

Maine Woods (7).jpg

What was hopeful was to see many saplings that will now be getting more sunshine.

Maine Woods (5).jpg

Maine Woods (8).jpg

We may plant more to thicken our woods over time.

Maine Woods (9).jpg

A view of our woods facing away from the giant void.

Maine Woods (11).jpg

Wayne pointed out that there was wintergreen growing which smells minty sweet.

Maine Woods (17).jpg


Maine Woods (12).jpg

Maine Woods (13).jpg

Maine Woods (15).jpg

Home sweet home to a woodland creature.

Maine Woods (14).jpg

My absolute favorite thing about today was listening to our seasonal spring stream. You can watch and listen here.

Maine Woods (16).jpg

Our view before clearcutting:


Our view now:


Fortunately not all of our woods abut the clearcutting; but knowing how things are going in this town, I won’t count on it staying that way. I still feel fortunate to live where I do. Wayne and I love our woods more than ever now!

Maine Woods (21).jpg

Plus, we are blessed with a couple of terrific chipmunks! They were waiting for their sunflower seeds when we returned.

13 thoughts on “Life Grows On

  1. I’m so sorry about the clearcutting 😣 We are lucky to have a nature preserve (as dictated by the state of FL) behind our house and we just love it. Even with the occasional bear (relocated last year), diamondback rattler, panther, etc. Bald eagle nest is 100m away along with an Osprey nest about 50’ away. Hope this development by you somehow is less invasive than it seems now.

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    1. Thank you. You are fortunate and wise to live next to a preserve and that sounds incredible. I will try to do the same if we ever move. I had believed that the land was protected because of the pond and some wetlands. I only found out this week that they were possibly man-made at some point, so it seemingly receives no protection. 😦


  2. Arrrrg! The same thing happened to my hometown. It was named for all the pine trees. Except, it wasn’t developers, it was beetles that ate the trees alive. Then because of the modern “let it burn policies” the standing dead wood would catch fire and burn so hot the soil was sterilized. So, the loggers are being allowed in to harvest already dried standing groves.
    It’s just so startling to have that kind of change over night.
    I hope you won’t be a little postage stamp tree island though.

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  3. I am surprised that your woods is described as “man-made.” Most of the forest along the coast is second or third growth since most of it was harvested for ship building. Wheather man-made or not it has become a natural habitat for many forest dwelling creatures and plants. I would prefer that developers and politians were more sensitive to the modern day natural resources we do enjoy. So enjoy and appreciate what you have with Wayne and the chippies- it’s all a divine gift at this time. The world changes; true love never does. Easter blessings.

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    1. Rev Edmands, I was referring to the bodies of water as being man made. If they were natural then they would have protections and required buffers. Even so, they are still habitats to life as you point out.

      I know all is temporary in this world so I never take anything for granted, especially divine gifts. I do wish we could hold onto them!

      Easter Blessings to you as well!


  4. Hopefully the access road for whatever gets developed there will be on the other side and won’t be your street, otherwise, there will be more traffic. What price progress? I enjoyed the pictures of the woods. Greetings from Montclair, NJ!

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    1. Hi James! Thanks and hello! I lived in NJ until summer of fourth grade. As far as an access road, it’s on a main drag and not my street, thankfully!


  5. Beautiful words and photos. I’m sorry so much of the wooded area is being disrupted- those sweet ducks! So glad, though, that you have still have so much nature surrounding you.

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